Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Over the past ten years, the methods used to ensure top positions in search results have changed time and time again. Search engines themselves have changed dramatically in the way they operate and the process that is used to determine which website is relevant to any given query. Impulsive Media is now offering guaranteed SEO results to ensure that you generate income online.

Guaranteed SEO Rankings at Affordable rates – Beat that!

This is how our guaranteed SEO structure works ensuring you get maximised results.

Overall, your campaign will include the following:

– Full website analysis
– Competitor analysis
– Key phrase research
– On-page Optimisation
– Monthly link building
– Monthly Reporting
– Google analytics interpretation and ecommerce goal setting

We will also review your shopping cart experience, if any.

Your campaign will include a dedicated account manager, SEO technician, SEO Link Builder and also our SEO performance guarantee. The guarantee is as follows:

– 10 – 30% of key phrases to appear on page one of Google within 3months
– 30 – 60% of key phrases to appear on page one of Google within 6 months
– 60 – 90% of key phrases to appear on page one of Google within 12 months

Specialist SEO

Project managers are appointed to every client and there will be a specialist SEO team working with each strategy. Initial analysis will focus on the current status of the target site, and immediate issues such as compliancy. In-depth research will determine the existing penetration of the website in search engines in relation to its brand visibility, the products, services and the website message. Once the current position is determined, we will carry out the appropriate research for keywords and phrases.

The specialist teams at Impulsive Media are able to work to ensure that the brand, the products and the investor relations are all maximized through the Internet. Each one of our search engine optimisation teams works in an insulated environment ensuring maximum client integrity whilst delivering zero conflict of interests on an inter-client basis.

We also carry out brand protection checks as a normal part of our service and a report on any adverse news will be supplied with a series of directives and action recommendations to counter any adverse publicity.

Comprehensive Web Analytics will provide vital information on traffic and progress; we are experts in understanding and interpreting the data from our analytical software and drawing the appropriate and necessary conclusions therefore providing real return on investment

Impulsive can bring your vision to life!

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