Referral Program

Want some easy cash for spreading the word about Impulsive?

Earn up to $250.00*  when you refer people to Impulsive Media.

Impulsive Media does very little advertising – we obtain our business through word of mouth. We appreciate the people who spread the word, and believe that this kindness deserves a reward!

How the referral works

  1. You refer someone to Impulsive Media and drop us a line via email or Facebook to let us know.
  2. The potential client contacts us.
  3. They mention that they’ve been referred to us by you, and we cross-reference the referral in our internal referrer spreadsheet.
  4. If the client chooses to proceed with work from Impulsive and places their order and pays the deposit, we will transfer you up to $250.00* through direct deposit or PayPal.

It’s really that simple!

So, what are you waiting for? Get referring and make some easy cash!

*Commission amount breakdown:

Order Amount Your Commission Amount Payout Method
$500 to $1000 Earn $75.00 Direct Deposit or PayPal
$1000 to $2500 Earn $150.00 Direct Deposit or PayPal
$2500+ Earn $250.00 Direct Deposit or PayPal

Impulsive can bring your vision to life!

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